Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bob watch - day two

As some of you may know, i found a small kitten on friday morning which we are holding on to until we find his owner or get him rehomed.
We have decided after going through lots of names to call him Bob Cat, or Bob for short.
He is a beautiful small grey bundle of fluff who seems to be all teeth when he is awake.
Definatly under 6 months so very playfull, and very growly lol.
 He slept in our daughters room last night "without her knowing" and she woke up to find him on her pilllow.
Constanty growling out our to cats he is top of the roost at the moment until one of my boys finds his balls and swipes him.
He is eating and drinking fine, but no poo yet and he wee'd on the bed earlier.
Not much to report now but i will keep you all updated.

Bob going crazyThis is a link to show a video of bob

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

1000 likes Raffle

Hello as i am nearing the 1000 mark on dear ol' facebook its time for another raffle.
Tickets are priced at £1.00 each and the winner will be chosen when i hit 1000! or when i sell enough tickets.
Money is to be paid via paypal and is to include your address and name/page name for contact.

I would love to give away a pair of gloves for free but due to costs i have to charge for entry,
The winner will get a pair of gloves of their choice.

As facebook do not allow raffles i have to conduct it through here. Sorry i will not give refunds. There will be prizes of 1st and 2nd and depending on ticket sales i may even do a 3rd
Good luck